To invite someone to tango, use the cabaceo. It’s the universal code that works with tango dancers anywhere in the world. This is very handy if you happen to be at a milonga in a country where you don’t speak the language.

Sometimes, though, a cabaceo can be awkward, creepy, hilarious, or any combination thereof. Here are some examples of bad cabaceos. Although they may not be effective in getting the desired result, they will definitely be memorable.

Please bear in mind that this particular tango blog entry is for entertainment purposes only. DO NOT attempt to cabaceo like these characters at the next milonga. Or do so at your own risk.



03 bird cabaceo.jpg

04 weird cabaceo.jpg

05 owl cabaceo.jpg

06 lizard cabaceo.jpg

07 dog cabaceo.gif

Click here for BAD CABACEOS, PART 2

#tango #badcabaceo



4 thoughts on “BAD CABACEOS

  1. Yes, Katia…In chicago they follow old Traditions from the time of Alcopone
    “We will make you an offer you can’t refuse .. ” 😉


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