Although having intricate, in-depth knowledge of tango music will definitely add to our dancing, it’s not a pre-requisite for beginners. Anything about tango music that we don’t know can later be answered by more experienced dancers, or Google. Maybe even Bing.

But for now, while on the dance floor, let’s just do something that makes sense with the music. And with the simple rhythmic structure of most tango songs, there’s plenty of flexibility for that. What we come up with doesn’t need to be fancy.

Starting is one of the most difficult things to do. There’s no green light or countdown signaling us when to go. So we often hesitate. Then the knowledge from all our classes, combined with the melody of the music, starts getting jumbled in our heads.

There’s no special way to begin. But taking a clear, confident step will help a lot. From there we can let the music help dictate our movements, one easy step at a time.


#tango #juststart


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