It’s been weeks, months, or maybe even a year!

But finally, we’ve figured out a particular tango step or sequence that’s been giving us trouble. Let’s take a few moments to catch our breath, and celebrate.

Because of the exhaustion that follows our achievement, it’s difficult to believe that we’ve gained insight, knowledge, and strength from our dancing ordeal. And at this moment, it’s tempting to succumb to another voice. It’s the voice which tries convincing us that, after accomplishing this huge milestone, we’ve tired ourselves out and there’s no point in going any further. It says we should just be comfortable where we are, and just coast because there’s no way we can survive putting ourselves through all that again.

That voice, of course, is lying.

If we choose to ignore the lie, we’ll soon realize that overcoming all the previous hardships becomes a source of confidence. It’s a call to keep moving forward, not a reason to stop. It’s true that we’ll encounter new difficulties and tests, and they can be frustrating. But the more we become mentally accustomed to achievement, the easier it will be to motivate ourselves, and the faster we’ll be able to conquer whatever new challenges that await.

So let’s not celebrate each victory for too long, because it’s never too early to ask the question: “What next?”


#tango #whatnext

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