For Leaders: Let’s make our partner feel like they’re gliding, no matter how simple or complex our movements are. Their embellishments are invitations for creative interaction, and not there to throw us off. The occasional mistake won’t fluster us. We can work with errors, improvising them into something else. We can adapt to each follower’s ability level and style of movement. Beginners don’t bore us, and advanced dancers don’t intimidate us. We’re leading, but we don’t feel the need to constantly impose our will.

For Followers: We can handle whatever our partner throws at us. A small misstep here or there is nothing to freak out about, because overall we’re making the dance work. We are unflappable. We can trust ourselves to stay on axis. There’s no reason to anticipate the next move because we’re ready to step anywhere on a moment’s notice. The next figure is an adventure to look forward to, not a potential disaster waiting to happen. We can handle this.

If we have the attitude that we’re ready for anything, we probably will be.

Let’s pay less attention to the worries – Tango is not as scary as we think it is.


#tango #icanhandlethis


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