When no one is looking, we sneak in a few practice ochos. We catch ourselves straightening our posture more while walking on the street. Tango classes and workshops seem to end way too soon. And as time goes on, more and more tango songs somehow make their way onto our cell phones or mp3 players.

We’re putting serious time and effort into something other than our jobs. And we’re a little embarrassed, yet proud, to call ourselves tango addicts.

So, what are the “consequences” of this addiction?

Stress relief, exercise, mental health benefits, emotional connection, new friendships…

I bet you can think of a few others.

It’s strange how a dance once thought of as racy, and even “dirty,” is now considered healthy.
Perhaps the appeal of tango is that it simultaneously carries the benefits of virtue while giving us the pleasures of vice.


#tango #virtue #vice


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