I have a tango buddy who lives in another part of the world. He’s, respectful, humble, friendly, and pleasant. But to me and many others, he looks kind of goofy when he dances (his personality is a bit goofy too, so maybe that’s why). Yet no one complains, and the people who dance with him always say good things about his leading. Whatever he’s doing seems to work, so I just let it be.

Our own personal dancing style likely comes with its own quirks. But it’s common to be unsure of ourselves, looking to other dancers and modeling our movements after theirs in the hopes that we’re doing it “right.” Assuming we aren’t cluelessly stepping on our partner’s toes, blatantly messing up the line of dance, or elbowing other people in the face, no one gets to decide if what we’re doing is objectively right or wrong.

Not all outside observers will appreciate the way we tango. But if we’re showing our partners a good time and adding positive energy to the environment, the disapproval thrown our way is rendered irrelevant. If people like what we’re doing, then let’s just keep doing it.


#tango #ifourpartnerslikeit


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