DO ONE THING WELL (from June 8, 2013)

From June 8, 2013

As we learn more and more tango, we’ll inevitably gravitate towards certain steps (after getting a more solid grasp on our fundamentals). Which steps do you love? Sacadas, molinetes, ganchos, volcadas, the basic cross? If you have a favorite step, or several favorites, I’d argue that it’s best to focus on getting really good at those few moves.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a well-rounded dancer. Well-rounded means being familiar with a bunch of figures. But will you excel at any of them? Or just be mediocre at all of them?

If you really like sacadas, for example, be the one (or few) in your community who’s known for being really good at sacadas. Or if you’re great at boleos, be known for being really fun to do boleos with. Whatever step it is that you like, develop it. Practice it until you can do it in your sleep. Having a specialty will make you more memorable.

You only have so many hours in a day – wasting them on improving weaknesses only robs time away from honing your strengths.

A tango community is not a faceless mass. It is made up of unique individuals, so don’t be afraid to stand out (as long as you remember to respect the line of dance 🙂

If we all do in our own ways, the community becomes more exciting as a whole.



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