ADVANCED DANCERS – Being Good vs Being Nice

We’ve invested a lot of money and time into our tango. To maintain our level of dancing, it’s true that we should spend a lot of time dancing with those who are at a similar level; they’re the ones most likely to both challenge and keep up with us.

With this idea in mind, it’s perfectly reasonable to be selective about our partners.

But at the same time, we need to understand that we’re part of a community. Taking the time to spare a few tandas with motivated beginners might encourage them to stick around. Chances are, advanced dancers helped us when we were first starting, right? And if those beginners end up investing the same kind of time and effort into tango that we once did, the whole community stands to grow and benefit.

But spending too much time encouraging beginners can take time away from our own development. As advanced dancers, we should be neither too self-interested nor too altruistic. No one benefits from either extreme. So focus more on being good, instead of being too nice.



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3 thoughts on “ADVANCED DANCERS – Being Good vs Being Nice

  1. I share your sentiments on this completely; I am a big champion for community – but also for protecting one’s one need to develop and expand their skills as well. I love how you present this as being a balanced act. I just got nominated for Miss Tango Congeniality, which was nice, but I’m actively working on building my tango skills and taking it to the next level. I never want to shut out the people less skilled in my community, but I do need them to understand that I’m investing a lot of money into tango and consequently, I want to use what I’ve paid to learn. And anyone who expresses an interest in developing more will certainly find a helping hand in mind. But it truly is about balance. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.


    • Congratulations on your nomination! I’ve been following your blog as well (only got around to clicking the follow button recently, though). I really liked your Nov. 6 article entitled “Why Tango is Snobby.” Catchy title, and full of good points 🙂 Hope to meet you on the dance floor some day!

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