Ever take a tango class or workshop, and feel that you’re keeping up just fine? Of course.
And have you ever taken a class where it feels as though everyone else knows what they’re doing… except you? Most likely (definitely a “yes” for me).
The latter situation is often embarrassing, and results in a lot of self-criticism that gets overblown pretty quickly. It can even feel so bad that we may even consider quitting. Before we’re tempted to go on a bender to console ourselves, here are two items to consider.
First: Certain steps will be easier for us than others. What comes easily for us might be more difficult for another student, or vice versa.

Second: In tango, there’s no universal, objective mechanism that determines the “correct” pace of learning for everyone. Just because we don’t get something right away – or even over the duration of the class – doesn’t mean we’re problematic students or bad dancers.

Let’s focus on getting the step right instead of getting it quickly. By the time we’re proficient with a new step, it won’t feel all that new anymore. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


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