In tango, it’s crucial that both leaders and followers stay closely connected and in tune with each other’s movements.

Sometimes, though, our partners get a little wobbly. Maybe they’re beginners who still need experience. Perhaps they just took a bad step, or maybe they have a few bad habits to work on. And since the majority of us are nice, empathetic people, we’re likely to act on the natural instinct to help them keep steady.

Despite our best intentions, doing this will hurt the dance. If we’re expending energy to hold our partners up, we can’t lead or follow at our best.

It might feel mean, unfriendly, and cold knowing that we’re allowing unsteady partners to experience the full extent of their own shortcomings. However, this is a very effective yet non-confrontational way of bringing their wobbly moments out in the open where it can be addressed.

Don’t sacrifice your own balance in the hopes that it will help your partner find theirs. It never works.


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