In the previous blog, I mentioned a little bit about the importance of passion. For those of us who are more reserved and/or quiet, passion can seem like a scary word.

When it comes to tango, we tend to associate passion with being flamboyant or theatric. Most ads for tango workshops only reinforce this idea. While some people have no problem being outwardly expressive and showy, quiet individuals don’t operate that way.

So how can dancers with more introverted personalities apply “passion” in order to dance tango well?

One thing to keep in mind is that passion doesn’t have to translate into being colorful, or a show-off. When dancing tango, we’ll never have to pretend we’re something that we’re not. Another thing to understand is that although passion is great, introverted tangueros should focus more on authenticity.

If we trust our muscle memory while not overthinking every figure, we’ll have a better chance of moving smoothly. When we’re not second-guessing ourselves, we start letting go of being self-conscious. This is the origin point of dancing authentically for both outgoing and not-so-outgoing dancers alike. Whether our mental image of “passion” manifests itself as a result is strictly optional.

Emperor Penguin rejected by other Penguins

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