If we look closely at a beautiful image on a computer screen, we’ll find that it’s made up of a bunch of tiny dots, or pixels. Each one of those dots is displaying its assigned color. The nice picture is the result of each individual dot doing its one simple job perfectly.

What about tango? Instead of pixels and a still image, we have a dance that moves. Breaking it down to its fundamental elements, we have a dance that contains two main ingredients: linear steps and pivots.

If we think of “advanced tango dancing” only in terms of tackling complex figures or sequences, then we’ll get too overwhelmed and intimidated. The whole thing will feel impossible. Let’s focus on each linear step (side, back, or forward) or pivot as it comes to us.

Each one of those elements that we execute correctly is a brief moment when we are on balance, not rushing, and not being tense. Why not think of them as moments of perfection?

And when we accumulate enough of them, accomplished one at a time, we’ll have a better idea of how advanced tango is actually supposed to feel.


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#tango #momentsofperfection


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