Tango makes us happy, but it’s not an activity we just dabble in. Gaining proficiency with the dance requires commitment.

But the more we get into tango, the more a part of us will try pulling us back. Much of this has to do with the fear of stepping too far away from our comfort zone. Another reason is the fear not of failure, but of success.

Failure – or the perception of failure – at least gives us a justification to stop. In our minds, saying “I tried, but it didn’t work” lets us off the hook.

But success obligates us to continue. We’re afraid of where the journey might take us, and there’s the notion that we’ll have to face rising expectations from others. We fear that subsequent successes might eventually lead to a situation we won’t be able to handle.

Although that mental hurdle is real, the fear itself is an illusion. Each success presents new opportunities to move forward. It’s a road that never leads to a dead end.



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