If we think we’ve reached a point in our tango where we feel we can’t – or don’t need to – improve, then we’re in trouble.

The alternative is feeling as though we’re always 1 – 2 steps away from our full potential, and that complete satisfaction is just out of reach. But isn’t that a recipe for constant dissatisfaction? Isn’t chasing some unattainable vision of perfection bound to make us feel bad about ourselves?

On the contrary, this perspective can be great for our dancing if we keep the right mindset.

Acknowledging that our best dancing keeps is just out reach keeps us hungry and wanting more. As we continue exploring the challenges of tango, we’ll find that it’s always giving us something new and exciting to aspire to.

By constantly chasing our imagined ideal – setting the bar a little higher and higher – we actually become better dancers than what we originally set out to be.


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