If we’ve been dancing for a while, we no doubt remember embarrassing moments. Maybe we committed a social tango faux pas and earned ourselves a few shocked stares. Or perhaps it was something that happened on the dance floor, such as colliding with the teacher, stepping on someone’s foot, falling down, or accidentally elbowing a shorter dancer in the face (or back of the head).

But things are better now, and we’ve improved. As difficult as those embarrassing moments were, they did not put an end to our tango.

And as we continue striving to advance, it’s worth taking a moment to remember those harder times every now and then, even if they happened a long time ago. If we think about it, we probably wouldn’t be the dancers we are today without learning – or recovering – from those experiences.

Hard lessons are sometimes the best ones; they mentally prepare us for future challenges, they keep us humble, and they help keep our sense of self-doubt (which will never completely go away) in a healthier perspective.

As unpleasant as negative experiences are, without them we’ll never become the dancers we aspire to be.


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