Dancing socially isn’t just a physical activity. It’s also a mental one. Publicly putting ourselves out there in such a manner takes courage, and isn’t something a lot of people do.

It’s shaky at first. And even if our first few milongas aren’t 100% successful, just showing up and trying should be celebrated as an accomplishment. With more practice and effort, our dancing improves. And when we have those first truly enjoyable tandas, we’ve proven to ourselves that it’s within our ability to create good tango.

It’s a great feeling.

Even if nobody notices, take a personal moment to recognize that sense of accomplishment. It’s very much a part of the dance, and a reason why tango is addictive (in a constructive way). But don’t just confine that feeling of accomplishment to the dance floor. What happens if we also apply it to other areas of life?

penguin dive

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