If any part of our tango dancing needs improvement, we’ve figured out by now that trying harder physically isn’t the solution.
So if more physical effort isn’t helping (it usually makes things worse), then we’ll need to focus mentally. However, simply telling ourselves to focus mentally is too vague a concept; there’s a right and wrong way to do it. Here are a few specific questions to help get our brains on the right track:
– Are we trying to second-guess our partners, or calmly waiting for every invitation to step?
– Are we having difficulty trusting ourselves to follow or lead, or are we leading/following each step with full confidence and commitment?
– Which are we spending more mental energy on: worrying about the impression we’re making, or enjoying ourselves?
– Are we trying to control every aspect of the figure, or allowing our movements to flow more freely?

Keeping even just one of these questions can go a long way in helping our tango.


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