When we decide to become better tango dancers, we’ll find there will always be problems in our dancing to solve. Some are minor, while others will require greater effort. But solving these problems shouldn’t be a source of anxiety. In fact, that can even be fun.
Worries, however, are a separate issue.

The more serious we take our tango learning, the more it seems we have occasion to worry.

At first thought, our worries seem to correlate with the specific areas of the dance with which we’re having problems. But more often than not, the problems themselves aren’t the main issue.
When we start worrying, pay attention. If tango is causing us worry, we should ask ourselves why. Is it because we’re afraid our dancing “won’t ever be good enough?”
If so, what’s causing that? What are the consequences, real or imagined, of “not being good enough?” What does it even mean to be “good enough?” Is it all worth getting anxious over?  Do we have anything to lose?
There’s nothing wrong with us when an increase in dancing skill – solving tango problems – does little or nothing to erase our worries. Those are two separate issues that must be handled differently.
problem parking 

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