Yes, tango was meant to be enjoyed with music. And it’s also true that connection with our partners is important.

But shouldn’t we be able to establish a meaningful connection with our partners, even if there’s no music playing? Dancing might not be as fun, but wouldn’t it still work? Would the connection and movement, even done in silence, still provide a sense of satisfaction?

Does music inspire the connection, or does the connection inspire the music?

What are your thoughts?


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2 thoughts on “WITHOUT THE MUSIC?

  1. I think the music inspires the connection, as well. If we’re thinking about dance as a conversation, then I feel like we both need a common point of discussion on which we’re conducting it, and the music is that for me. I would go even further to say that technique is also part of connection, too. It’s kind of like the grammar of that connection language. When we can understand each other clearly, then it makes way for better tango conversations.

    I’m interested to see if anyone else thinks something differently. Good question!

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