-Making the effort to keep our feet together when we collect…
-Finishing a pivot first before stepping…
-Maintaining a solid frame even when we’re tired…
-Leading/Following every ocho instead of doing them while on mental “autopilot…”
-Making the effort to lead/follow a clear cross, even though it’s a step we’ve done a million times…

When we’ve already got so much to mentally keep track of, all this seems like extra stuff to worry about. Why overload our brains even further?

But these extra tango “details” aren’t afterthoughts or little decorations. Paying close attention to them not only makes our dancing look more polished, they help keep our thoughts organized. And from there, it’s easier to achieve that hyper-focused state of mind that drew us to tango in the first place.

Basic figures like collecting properly and finishing basic cruzadas might not be eye-catching or dramatic. But we’ll notice how much our dancing suffers without them. They might feel like small details, but let’s treat them more like essentials.

tiny sculpture

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2 thoughts on “DON’T SKIP DETAILS

  1. Good points!
    They all make a difference to our dancing, not just aesthetically, but functionally, too.
    And they needn’t overload our brains. Not if we practise them so they become part of the way we move – without thinking.

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