Learning steps and mastering technique are important, but that’s only half the story.

What’s less obvious is the mental and emotional element of the dance. Much of the barriers we face while trying to improve our tango exist mainly in our heads. Unfortunately, there often isn’t enough time to address those less tangible topics during a class or workshop.

Identifying and overcoming mental barriers is just as important as learning any figure. After all, what good is paying for a bunch of lessons if we freeze up during a milonga? The purpose of this blog is to help us get into a more effective mindset to deal with those mental obstacles. The goal is to let go and enjoy our tango journey – to approach the challenges with eagerness rather than fear.

Thanks for visiting!

My name is Joe Yang, and I’m a full-time Argentine Tango instructor, podcaster, and tango event organizer in Madison, WI. It’d be great to meet you if you’re in town! I’m also a web cartoonist and children’s book author.

There are 2 blogs I manage under this profile.

One discusses and explores the non-technical side of Argentine Tango dancing and communities.

The second focuses on writing and cartooning. The genre is humor, and main subject matter usually involves seals and sea lions.

Hope to hear from you some time!


argentine tango madison wisconsin


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