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PODCAST UPDATE (launching early!)

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update on the launch of my upcoming podcast. So far, the instructors, organizers, and musicians I’ve spoken to so far have been great! They’ve been sharing some thought-provoking insights, and I’ve got more interviews scheduled!

It’s my goal for this project to be a useful resource for tango students, and I think you’ll appreciate what the interviewees have to say. I’m really excited to be launching this thing soon!

I’m also excited to let you know that the podcast will be online a little earlier than expected. Originally I was aiming for a mid-September launch, but things have been coming together a little more quickly than anticipated. So, within the next few days, we’ll see the first 5 episodes available on iTunes.

I’ll definitely keep you updated on when that happens.

On another note, I’ll no longer be blogging at WordPress. Although all previous blog posts will still be accessible at WordPress, all future posts will appear at the Wisconsin Tango blog page.

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Here’s another useful balancing exercise that’s based on the forward ocho. This is an effective exercise for both leaders & followers.

Remember to disassociate upper body from lower body (turn torso first before moving hips/legs). It takes a lot of practice, so be patient with yourselves!

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Here’s a longer leader lapiz to a back sacada. After the lapiz, and at the end of the molinete, the leader takes a back step that intersects the follower’s forward step.

It’s a bit tricky to put in words, so it’ll be best to just watch the video below:

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Not too long ago, I wrote a blog entry on the importance of being bold and taking “big steps” in order to move our dancing forward.

But in the past, I’ve also made the case for paying attention to “smaller steps,” such as fundamentals and the finer details of body awareness.

I’m sure other tango teachers have given similar advice emphasizing one approach as well as the other. So which is it? Is there a right way? Should we choose one according to our personality, then stick to it?

Perhaps the answer is a little more nuanced. I’ve found that when choosing to go the “bold” route, we definitely accomplish a lot. But at some point, we come to a place where we have to step back and work on fundamentals and finer details.

But I’ve also found that when choosing to focus heavily on basics and small details, we eventually find ourselves pressed to take bigger, bolder leaps. This can include going to a festival for the first time, taking a more challenging class, or attending a milonga in a different city.

The issue isn’t about choosing one path over the other. It’s knowing when to transition from one to the other – and perhaps back again – while motivating ourselves to break the mold each time.

At every turn, it seems that tango won’t let us stay in any comfort zone for long.

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Here’s a quick and dirty video I put together focusing on the leader back sacada (into the follower’s open step).

By isolating this particular moment, we can figure out which elements we need to focus on (balance, pivot, projecting, etc)
Complete tango exercise playlist can be found here

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Continuing on with my previous video, here’s a video on how to do the leader lรกpiz & back sacada with an actual partner. Please note that this version shows the back sacada into the follower’s open (side) step.

In the next few days, I’ll post a video that demonstrates another back sacada variation with a longer leader pivot.

Please be careful not to kick each other while practicing.

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The full playlist of tango exercises can be found here.

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