Tango Podcast Episode 81 is now online

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Episode 81 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!

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My guests today are Felipe Martinez and Ayano Yoneda based in San Francisco, CA. They have taught all over the world, and are known for their clear and enthusiastic teaching style. They teach regularly at several venues in the Bay Area, such as Milonga Genesis, the Great Northern, The Beat over in Berkeley, and the Stanford Tango Club.

They are also organizers of the renown San Francisco Tango Marathon. Felipe has also DJ’d at a number of big-name events, including festivals and milongas in Portland, Denver, Washington DC, Fort Bragg, New York, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, and many others.

Joe's Tango Podcast Episode 81


Tango Podcast Episode 80 is now online!

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Episode 80 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!
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My guest today is an amazing tango dancer known for her technique and grace – As an instructor, she’s known for her patience and attention to detail. Based in Michigan, she also has a strong background in ballroom dance and is a frequent participant in numerous performances and showcases.

Let’s meet Erin Rea…

erin rea

Tango Podcast Episode 79 now online!

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Episode 79 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!
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My guests today are John Miller and Jesica Cutler, both of whom are based in Colorado. John has been dancing since the age of 18. He eventually happened upon tango, and started teaching full time in 2009. He is also a very well known DJ, and has played over 1500 milongas and practicas at multiple festivals.

Jesica is a massage therapist, and in addition to tango, she teaches Lindy Hop and Blues. Much of her teaching style is focused on body mechanics, and helping students gain greater body awareness.

They have been working together since 2012, and have taught at festivals in Denver, Salt Lake City, and in Mexico.

Tango Podcast Episode 78 is now online

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Episode 78 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!

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For today’s show, I’m happy to welcome back Iona May Italia – also known as the Terpsichoral Tango Addict. She has traveled the globe dancing and teaching tango, and has documented her observations and thoughts in a blog that is very well-known in tango circles.

I had the opportunity to speak with Iona back in Episode 40, and it was a lot of fun. On that show, if you remember, she mentioned that she was working on a book – well, that book is now complete, and has been released. It is called, Our Tango World, Volume 1: Learning and Community.

Iona May Italia

Tango Podcast Episode 77 is now online

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Episode 77 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!
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My guest today is an Argentine Tango dancer and performer. She’s also a choreographer, and an actress. She started dancing at the age of 5, and has a background in ballet, Israeli folk dancing, jazz, latin, and contemporary. At age 16, she performed at the Teatro San Martín, which is one of the most most prominent theaters in Argentina. She has performed in productions at the Spanish Repertory Theatre, and in New York, she was nominated for two ACE Awards for best dramatic actress. Over the years, she has appeared in a number of musicals, plays, films, and TV programs.

In 2009, she rediscovered her love of tango and is now based in San Diego, CA. She teaches tango classes several times a week, with a heavy focus on understanding body mechanics. She often teaches technique through the use of the Feldendkrais Method; the goal of which is to help her students gain more body awareness. Throughout the year, she also travels to teach at various festivals.

Let’s meet Patricia Becker…
Joe's Tango Podcast Episode 77: Patricia Becker

Podcast Episode 74 is now online

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Episode 74 of Joe’s Tango Podcast is now online!

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My guest today started his tango journey in Portland, Oregon back in 2000. In 2014 he moved to Boston, and went on a tour that took him throughout the US, as well as China and Taiwan.

In 2016, he and his then-partner Tilly Kimm won the US Tango de Pista Championships. As of 2018, he is based in Chicago and continues traveling to give workshops and to teach at various festivals.

Let’s meet Adam Cornett…

Joe's Tango Podcast Episode 74: Adam Cornett